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Complete Drain & Sewer Line Services


One of the greatest concerns for any homeowner or business owner is that their drainage and sewer system will stop working. The drain pipes and lines that your fixtures to the sewers of the city or town in which you live are extremely important and must be working properly. In a perfect world, you should never have to think about them. Unfortunately, problems can occur on occasion such as clogs, cracks, or broken pipes. If you are not ready to take action immediately, the damage can be catastrophic.

The drain and sewer line specialists at Byron Septic Service can handle all of your drain & sewer needs, including regular cleaning and repair. Our experts are available when you need them, ready to diagnose your problems and solve them quickly. We specialize in fast, friendly service using the latest technology and equipment in order to get the job done right the first time.

Jetting & Snaking:

We use advanced water jetting or electric snaking techniques for our drain & sewer line cleaning services. Jetting techniques uses high pressure which shoots through a hose with a special nozzle in order to literally blast clogs free and in essence pressure wash the inside of a pipeline. This technique is extremely effective at clearing up drain lines where waste can accumulate on the inside of the pipe wall.

Frozen Sewer Lines

In New Hampshire and surrounding areas, frozen sewer lines are more common than one might think,Frozen lines usually occur where frost can set in , such as underneath driveways or parking lots. For a sewer line to freeze there is typically a problem with the line, such as a pitch issue, structural damage to the pipe, a clog, or something which causes the line to hold water and not drain out properly. These type of malfunctions can lead to pipes freezing. Jetting frozen pipes with the proper type of nozzle can effectively thaw a frozen sewer line.

Leach Line Cleaning

As time progresses, sludge can accumulate in the distribution lines or leach lines of your septic system. Sludge build up can prevent water from draining properly out of the septic system. Professional jetting in addition to a vac truck can effectively remove sludge from the lines, thereby helping to restore drainage and improve the life of your septic system.

Sediment Removal

Over time, pipes used for catch basins and floor drains can accumulate debris, sand, and dirt. Professional jetting is an effective technique for flushing these obstacles from the pipe, which in turn can extend the life span of your septic system.

Repair or Replacement

Byron’sTM Septic Service offers a complete range of drain and sewer line repair and replacement services.
Many areas in NH & VT have old sewage piping system installed using older materials which are starting to corrode, break down and deteriorate. We can locate, and repair or replace deteriorating pipes using the latest techniques and technology. If you think you may have deteriorating pipes, give us a call so we can take a look. We have knowledgeable, experienced, friendly technicians ready to help you now. Give us a call !

The techniques above are some of the many methods we use to effectively clean drains and sewer lines.

For more information , call one of our experts! We look forward to hearing from you.